I just finished up a year with my trainer at Just You Fitness. The level of fitness and strength I was able to achieve over the past year has been amazing–especially being a busy mom over 40! Every step of the way my trainer is encouraging and realistic, not at all intimidating or overbearing. He is a genuinely nice, down-to-earth person who wants to see you succeed, whatever your fitness goals, and will ensure you have the information and tools (&music) to do so. (I can’t thank him enough for indulging my Latin music obsession over the last year, lol. You are a true friend, my trainer!!)

“Besides having a great personal trainer, one of the perks of training with Just You Fitness is you workout in a private setting on your schedule, so you can forget the hassles of waiting for equipment or motivating yourself to “make it” to the gym. Scheduling is flexible–come early or late–just get there.

“Alas, there isn’t enough time to mention all the fun conversations and motivational tactics discussed over the last year, but rest assured you will not be disappointed & you will get results if you train with my trainer I thoroughly enjoyed it & wouldn’t hesitate one second to go back! All the best!

Melissa McGary
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