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“There are not enough words to describe how much Just You Fitness has changed my life. I struggled with weight loss my whole life, and tipped the scales at my max at 366 pounds. When I hooked up with Just You Fitness I started at 350 pounds and was slowly eating myself to an early grave or diabetes. Jp was great starting me off on a workout routine and offering diet advice that helped me to go from adjusting my life stye for the better to completely changing it. Jp is not only a great trainer but he will be a great friend once you choose to go with Just You Fitness.

Not only is he there to train you for your workout, but he is available whenever you have a training tip when you aren’t with him, or whenever you want some diet advice. Jp truly works the hardest working trainer that I’ve been with and never clocks out. He is available whenever you have a question regarding your diet/ exercise and knows exactly what to do to inspire you. Take all your cliched thoughts of what a personal trainer is and leave them at the door. Jp will motivate you but will never patronize nor give up on you. He has the same goal as you do and he makes sure that the weight you lose stays off permanently. I don’t like to think where I would be without Jp and he does all this at a very affordable price. He truly enjoys inspiring others to exercise and eat well and he is by far the best trainer around.”

Josh Amstutz
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