Years ago, when my life was falling apart around me, there was one constant and that was my trainer. I told him I wanted to get stronger and he said “no problem”. And he was right. Every time I thought I couldn’t do one more rep, he said, “Yes you can.” Every time I thought I couldn’t lift something, he again said, “Yes you can.” When I started to waiver he told me to keep going. Thirty pounds down and stronger than I’d ever been in my life, I thought maybe I could believe him.

“Time and circumstances took me a hundred miles away, and for awhile I didn’t follow through. I finally decided I needed to get myself back to what worked, what my trainer taught me. So at 4:30 in the morning when my brain says no way, I now hear, ‘Yes you can,” and I do.’

“Thank you my trainer. Thank you so much.”

Jayne Holden
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