I love Just You Fitness! I started training with my trainer in September of 2012 and am now in my second 3 month plan. Major weight loss wasn’t my goal, as I was around my healthy weight, but that doesn’t mean I was in shape or happy about how I felt. After moving to Charleston a year ago and giving in to the temptations of Southern cooking, my healthy San Francisco lifestyle of running and eating consciously was pushed to the wayside. Although I started running again, I felt something was missing. I wanted to be stronger, more defined, and more motivated. I wanted this to become part of my life and not just a short term goal to “look good.

My work with my trainer has been truly transformational inside and out and I look forward to every session. He is extremely knowledgeable, open, and honest about what needs to be done for you to achieve your goals. The work isn’t easy (what an understatement) and I often drop an “F” bomb when I’m on my second set of Bulgarian lunges, but like my trainer says “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it”. He is a great motivator and always a text away if I ever have a question or need a little support.

My biggest reward, besides the killer definition in my arms and legs, is that I am so much stronger physically and mentally. Challenges are accepted, not excusable. There is no more “I couldn’t do that”, now I think “Heck yeah I can do that!”. It doesn’t mean I can do it right away, but I have that training mentality now. I have patience with myself that I never did. (When I first started doing kettle bell swings, I hated them! They were SO hard. Now, they’re still difficult, but my body and my brain sync up and get the job done and it feels amazing!) My running has improved tremendously and I am planning on running 3 races within the next four months.

Like I said, this isn’t easy work, but if you’re determined to look and feel your best, there is no one I’d recommend more than my trainer to get you on that track. He is a genuine soul that just wants everyone to be their very best self.

Just to throw some before/after stats out there: I am 5’0″ and started in at 116 with 23% body fat. I am now around 113-115 with 19% body fat. I train 3 times a week at high intensity and run around 15-25 miles a week (and that is increasing).

Darcy Arnold
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